About Us

MASC’s vision is to celebrate multiracial identity in a racially inclusive world.

MASC’s mission is to advocate for and foster multiracial community and identity.

With this vision and mission in mind, MASC creates activities and designs programs to educate, advocate for, and promote social justice for the multiracial community and increase awareness and understanding amongst the public about multiracial/multiethnic issues.

MASC’s Executive Team consists of Board Officers, General Board Members, and Advisory Board Members located in California and beyond.

Our important roster of Volunteers help us spread the word about our programs and help attend and support the events that we have throughout the year.

To contact MASC’s Board, or for more information about becoming an intern or volunteer, please email: info@multiracialamericans.org

Seeking to broaden self and public understanding of our interracial, multiethnic, and cross cultural society by facilitating interethnic dialogue and providing cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

How We Serve

  • multiracial resources
  • networking
  • parenting seminars
  • social activities
  • adult mixers
  • workshops
  • community action
  • internships
  • teen mentorship project
  • elementary parent project

Serving the mixed race community since 1986.

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