Color Conversation

The Color Conversation began in 2015 with the development of open and meaningful conversations about subjects related to race.

The mission of the Color Conversations is to foster positive identity via various discussions that aims to support and advise parents or caregivers on how to talk to their children in order to make a positive difference in relationships.

MASC understands the importance for children to have good information early to promote positive lifelong experiences therefore it is our vision to find ways to help children and families navigate difficult situations while discussing strategies to engage one another.


Here’s what people are saying about the Color Conversation:

“This conversation around race is timely and critical in shaping awareness and best practices in helping us move forward towards a more just society” — Sharon

“Simply brilliant and educational” — Aurora

“We need more conversations like this” — Chenelle

“Everyone was very open and had passion that made it even more compelling” — Shannon

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Past Topics

  • Race & Identity
  • Tackling Forms