MASC continually advocates for policies that serve the interests of the multiracial community.  Visit this page regularly to remain current with MASC’s stand on issues critical to mixed race people.



MASC conducted a study of agencies in California for compliance to California Government Code section 8310.9 that mandates agencies that report racial or ethnic data to the state must:
1) Allow for multiple response
2) Report number for each race in combination with other races and two or more total

The report, titled Half Measures, is available for download with supporting data HERE. The provisions of California Government Code section 8310.9 become effective by January 1, 2022. No agencies were found compliant


MASC joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and PolicyLink to develop recommendations for the benefits of racial disaggregation to improve health outcomes.  Racial disaggregation is the collection of racial data using finely defined racial categories rather than the roll-up of identity into broadly defined groups. 

Please see the findings of the report here :

2016 to 2017

The Census Bureau has been developing updated Federal standards for the collection of racial data.  During open comment periods MASC submitted comments and encouraged the public to submit their own.


MASC has prepared the following policy recommendations for consideration:

1) We call upon the Office of Management and Budget to revise standards to allow for mixed Latino and non-Latino identification.

2) We call upon all federal agencies and federally funded agencies, schools, and programs that collect racial demographic information to be in compliance with Office of Management and Budget Directive No. 15.

3) We call upon all corporations (for profit and non-profit) that collect racial demographic information to adopt a methodology that respects multiracial identity.

4) We call upon the California Department of Finance to convene a racially diverse advisory committee, including person(s) of mixed heritage, to review their methodology for tabulating racial demographics.


MASC will share results and data following the 2020 census release